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Pelton Turbine

The Pelton turbine is an impulse turbine and works with large heads and relatively small amounts of water. The advantage lies in the relatively constant efficiency even with changing water levels. In principle: The higher the pressure is, the higher is the efficiency of the turbine. This type of turbine can achieve an efficiency factor from 84% up to 92%. Hydropower plants of 100 kW up to 3MW with differences in height of 20m to 800m can be realized. The water volume can be adjusted with up to six nozzles.

Production of Pelton turbines

As a company with many years of experience, we can use various production methods. Our turbine casings are welded steel structures. The casing of the potable water power plants (drinking water power plants) and small hydropower stations are made of stainless steel. For larger turbines the casing is manufactured in steel. The Pelton wheels are machined out of one piece of forged blanks. Furthermore it is possible to screw and weld the milled or casted blades on the wheel carrier. As a third variant it is on customer’s request possible to cast the whole Pelton wheel by a foundry of our confidence.

Our technical solutions include:

  • Machines with horizontal axis and one to three nozzles
  • Machines with vertical axis and one to six nozzles
  • Turbines with inside or outside regulated nozzles